Sunday, March 31, 2013

Affordable Alternatives to Modcloth Part 1

                           I  love Modcloth. Who wouldn't? After all, they have dresses like this:

But if you're like me, you don't have $50 + to spend on a dress that looks cute, but is pretty cheaply made (I speak from experience.) That's why I've compiled a list of clothing websites that offer the cute, unique, vintage clothes that Modcloth has, but at a far more reasonable price. Some of them actually offer the exact same dresses at a way less expensive price (look at if you dont believe me. A great website!)

Why I chose it: 
Downeast Basics offers classy, modest, vintage-inspired items at incredibly reasonable prices. Their dresses are extremely Modcloth-esque. 
This is only $39.99!
Why I picked it: It's clothing is flirty, feminine, and fun, with a vintage feel, but still modern (some modcloth dresses seem a bit to dated)

                                                                     Only $42.99!

To be continued.


Sunday, March 10, 2013

Agaci Review: Shop at your own risk

I hear nothing but good things about Agaci. It's often compared to Forever 21 as a cute place to buy clothes without breaking the bank. The quality of their clothes, most people say, isn't great, but durable nonetheless. That's why I decided to browse their online store a few months ago. I had some spending money (i.e. $30 bucks) and wanted to see what the had in the way of winter clearance. This was my experience-

 Price: The prices were fabulous. I was able to snag four very different tops, none of which were over $8, and the overall price didn't exceed $30 bucks. 3 of the tops I would also be able to wear into the Spring/Summer, due to their light colors and floral patterns (This was back in December).

 Fastness of Shipping and Delivery: I ordered on the 12th, order was processed on the 14th, and I got them on the 19th. Average.

 Quality: This is where they went wrong. You know those cheap stores that are able to keep their prices low because they sell defective groceries/ other stuff? That's honestly what I got in the package reminded me of.      
 What I thought   was getting:
 What I got:

Notice the inseams. The go straight in to the collarbones, leaving absolutely no room for shoulder space/boobs. The shirred sleeves did NOT actually stay on the shoulders, so if I zip it at all it gives the appearace of having shoulder pads. It's very crudely made, and though I ordered a large ( I wanted it to be a loose fit, since I planned to wear it over different tops) it came very small, literally looking like it had shrunken in the wash. If I do try to layer it with a different top, it is so tight that the shirt underneath it puffs out, ridiculously. I was simply shocked by just how horribly made the shirt was, and how different it looked in the advertising picture.

What I Ordered:

What I got:                 

 No, you are not colorblind. The shirt is bright orange, not pink, as the advertising picture shows. The color, combined with the shape, reminds me vaguely of a pumpkin. The last two shirts I ordered came true to they were advertised, thank God. But my absolutely ridiculous experience made me decide that I never want to shop there again.

 What about you? Have you had any negative experiences with Agaci you want to share?

Sunday, February 24, 2013


Hi visitors, and thanks for dropping in on my blog! 

Fashion and Beauty are exciting things. They're a way to show personality, creativity, and
 passion; as opposed to just being a necessity. I'm a firm believer that all young women should  have the ability to build an amazing, diverse wardrobe regardless of budget. That's why I decided to start this blog; to showcase fashionable clothing websites with prices that are in line with a college student's budget. (and being one myself, I know just how tight that budget can be!) I'll also be highlighting great drugstore makeup finds, outfit ideas, and other fun stuff. I'll be posting every few days, so I hope you'll keep coming back for more.