Sunday, March 31, 2013

Affordable Alternatives to Modcloth Part 1

                           I  love Modcloth. Who wouldn't? After all, they have dresses like this:

But if you're like me, you don't have $50 + to spend on a dress that looks cute, but is pretty cheaply made (I speak from experience.) That's why I've compiled a list of clothing websites that offer the cute, unique, vintage clothes that Modcloth has, but at a far more reasonable price. Some of them actually offer the exact same dresses at a way less expensive price (look at if you dont believe me. A great website!)

Why I chose it: 
Downeast Basics offers classy, modest, vintage-inspired items at incredibly reasonable prices. Their dresses are extremely Modcloth-esque. 
This is only $39.99!
Why I picked it: It's clothing is flirty, feminine, and fun, with a vintage feel, but still modern (some modcloth dresses seem a bit to dated)

                                                                     Only $42.99!

To be continued.


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